ABSORBS OILS Tired of seeing the mid-afternoon shine disturb your makeup? Skin cells naturally produce oils all day to hydrate the skin and keep it healthy. However these oils can sometimes be excessive leading to a shiny appearance that breaks through makeup and leaves you feeling self conscious.

This professional formula from OC8 contains ACRYSORB micro particles to trap facial oils and reduce shine so your makeup stays flawless all day. EVENS SKIN TONE Our mattifying gel not only absorbs excess oils but also gives you a beautifully even skin tone. As soon as you apply to your face, the gel begins working to reduce redness and even out skin tone for easy makeup application. Say goodbye to the struggle of covering up blemishes, dark circles and redness. Our gel works with your foundation and concealer to give skin a naturally even appearance that’s shine free. PROFESSIONAL RESULTS For years, photographers and makeup artists have had a secret weapon to deal with shine on models and actors. Now OC8 has brought this secret to the masses so you can achieve professional results every day. Simply apply our gel to your face after your normal cleansing and moisturizing routine.

Let sit for a few minutes before applying your makeup over the top. DAILY ESSENTIAL This gel is a must have for your daily beauty routine. Forget about using numerous oil blotters that disturb your makeup, making touch ups a requirement. And instead start your day with our oil controlling gel. Once applied, the gel controls oils for 8 hours, so you can be on the go all day.

MEN AND WOMEN Our formula can be used on all skin types and is not exclusively for women. Men have also found our product to be helpful at controlling excess oils and reducing shine throughout the day. Our product will help you look your best all day so you don’t have to worry about checking a mirror or touching up your makeup.

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